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Eid qurbani bakra cow (6)
Eid qurbani (5)
is an Urdu and Persian word that it is the word is related to Hebrew "Qurban" which basically signifies an act performed by Prophet Abraham to seek Allah’s pleasure and happiness. It is formally used for the give up of an animal slaughter for the sake of Allah.In the islamic month of zil-Hajj and the day of Eid-ul-Adha 10th zil-Hajj emphasize us of the sacrifices of Hazrat Ibrahim Khaleelullah (Alayhis-Salaam). Allah Ta’ala loved his act of faithfulness love and sacrifice so much that He has made it obligatory on us to follow this gorgeous Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim (Alayhis-Salaam) till the Day of End

Qurbani is “Waajib” important or necessary almost every Islamic men and Islamic women who has achieved puberty or is of audio thoughts contains “Nisaab” (is the value of unwanted prosperity which creates a Islamic accountable for Zakaah) for that period. The possession of or equivalent investment value of silver “+ -3 ounces” and in the situation of silver its “+ - 20 ounces” To create sacrifice in the Name of Allah

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